Safety Management

Hanco ensures that the entire job is operating in compliance with all the client and Occupation Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) Rules and Regulations. All subcontractor employees must complete the Hanco of SC on-site safety orientation to be permitted to work on the job site. Our safety plan is a “living document” and is modified for each project. With construction, there is no “one size fits all”. Each project is unique and needs to be treated as so. A generic copy of our safety plan is available upon request. We are pleased to say Hanco has a history of constructing in a safe manner. We have not had any serious accidents or work stoppage from any OSHA inspections over the years. A safe working environment results in productive and quality performance.

Quality Management

Again, quality management is a “living document” with a base foundation of procedures and principles to follow. Each project has its own “DNA” and we conform our program to ensure the quality standards are met for each project. Our program begins with Kirk Hanna, President/Owner. Standards are set for our Office management and On-site management. Our program includes the commitment of our Subcontractors to ensure quality materials, production and workmanship are met. A copy of our generic program is also available upon request.